Federal Criminal Law

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We practice federal criminal law in Nashville, TN

Tennyson & Wiggington, PLLC represents clients who have been charged with federal crimes, including federal gun crimes and federal drug crimes in the Nashville, TN area. We have decades of federal criminal law experience, and we’ll go above and beyond during the course of your case to achieve the best possible results. Schedule an appointment today.

Put your case in the hands of a capable attorney

Put your case in the hands of a capable attorney

When you hire Tennyson & Wiggington to handle your federal criminal law case in Nashville, TN, we will:

  • Gather all of the information about your case
  • Examine the evidence from every angle
  • Look for any possible suppression issues
  • Speak with witnesses
  • Build a strong case in your defense

At Tennyson & Wiggington we help people through difficult times and hard circumstances. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we extress compassion and concern while also providing realistic legal advice. We understand the sensitive nature of the charges you are facing and the potential impact a criminal charge or conviction can have on your personal and professional lives. Our goal is to help you minimize the impact of the life charge or investigation so that you can put it behind you and move forward. Don’t let a federal criminal conviction tarnish your reputation—arrange a free consultation with Tennyson & Wiggington today if you’ve been charged with any type of federal crime, such as federal drug crimes.