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Everyone deserves a second chance—a criminal conviction shouldn’t determine your future. Retain Tennyson & Wiggington, PLLC today if you’ve been convicted of a crime. We take on post-conviction 2255 cases in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area. We can help you file for post-conviction relief and move on with your life after a conviction.

How does post-conviction relief work?

How does post-conviction relief work?

Schedule an appointment with Tennyson & Wiggington today if you need a reputable attorney to handle your 2255 case in Nashville, TN or the surrounding area. Recovering after a criminal conviction can feel like a challenge, but our experienced attorneys will walk you through the process.

First, we’ll review the details of your case. We’ll then file a petition for post-conviction relief. This petition can take about six months to process, but most convictions have a one-year statute of limitations. Call Tennyson & Wiggington now to arrange your free 30-minute consultation with a trusted federal law attorney in Nashville, TN.